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Her first song came out last spring. In october the Comin’ Closer remix was included in One More Lab Compilation Vol.1 . She is one of the most beautiful and interesting voices of international music scene. She has got grit and many dreams to realize. We are talking about Maryka, already known to pauranka’s readers. Let’s disclose something else about her in this interview.

Photo by P. Pagano

Photo by P. Pagano

Your name and your voice figure in the international compilation “Lab and Fame Magazine UK”, an ambitious project born from the collaboration of each single artist. What did Marika put of herself in it? What do you think is your special contribution to it? And most of all, what did this collaboration leave to you?

Definitely the One More Compilation project in collaboration with FM, that my label One More Lab really wanted, gave me the possibility to take part of this selection together with important artists from all over the world. I’ve been very happy to hear that I would have been part of it. Each of these artists represents what new international music is by now, that is the one coming from the underground movement. The Blisters Boyz with their remix respected my world and added something more to the taste of my first single “Comin’ Closer”, issued last spring.

The track that has been picked for the compilation comes from the collaboration with a famous duo of french djs/producers, The Blister Boyz. This is a round meeting, cultural as well as musical. How did you come up with this union?

This union comes from my label’s will, the One More Lab, that wanted my single “Comin’ Closer” to be much more international. My project was born in London,  in spite of my italian origins. There were other dj-producers who were running for being in the project, but we chose The Blisters Boyz because they had a sound that was closer to mine. They already made some remixes for Soul artists  such as Zara Desbonnes from the As Animals. The track has become more international giving me access to the world of french discography and much more. Moreover, there’s another version of Comin’ Closer, a more dance one, and that was published only in the US.  To broaden my horizons is very important for an artist like me who tries to get a spot in the world of discography.

What did you get from the collaboration with artists such as The Blisters Boyz? How important is for a young artist to constantly face such big personalities from the very beginning?

As I was saying before, having the possibility to express myself and spread my music abroad is fundamental for me as an emergent artist. Having had all this with them in particular gave a plus to the whole thing. The challenge is not only to make beautiful music, but also to hit people’s soul, having some sense for contaminations. The team work with my label made anything else.

An ordinary night in London. You are performing in a club  and your future producers point you out. In an era where everybody is chasing after fame, do you still think the best way to succeed in arts is working your way out?

It is definitely very important. I still have to gain some on-stage experience, but the stage is my home for sure and as I start singing all of my insecurities and doubts fade away. Maybe that’s what One More Lab and my fans like about me. You definitely need quite some good luck and a lot of initiative. The important thing is surrounding yourself with expert people, who are genuinely interested in the project, who give you the possibility to work with calm and think exclusively about your music. Time and a constant effort can make such a hard and curvy path fruitful, especially for the kind of music I make and I’d like to propose to the people.

Your music is perfect for an international market. Dou you think your pop-soul-black sound could fit the italian musical scene? Are you also thinking to sing in italian or you think your style it’s better expressed through english?

Someone defined what I do as “Northern Soul”. This genre was born in Northern England in the late 60’s and it is the only genre named after the place where it used to be danced and listened to, rather than the place where it was actually born. The Northern Soul mania spread in Italy only 20 years later and didn’t really collect a lot of favour from people. I love England, especially London and I’m studying to improve my English.

You are from Benevento. You lived in London for some time and now you are in Rome. How did these cities contribute to make the woman and the artist you are now?

My heart is in Benevento cause I was born there and there I first approached music. There I put together my first band, when I was still very young, I had my first lives, my first fans. London is rather a dream coming true. I really put a lot of effort to get where I wanted to and after a couple of live performances One More Lab noticed me. This is the kind of things everyone is dreaming of and that are seldom happening. We worked on the single with some experts from London (the videoclip was filmed there as well), but here in Rome I found a second home.

Each song has its reason, its path, its history. What’s the history of Comin’ Closer?

“Comin’ Closer” conceptually represents the ability and will of being by somebody’s side, even without speaking and without needing many words. It’s always possible to support someone through small things and attentions. “Come here”, or “Stay with me” is a possible translation for the title. We worked on this track in a very relaxed environment and my producers have left me free to use my voice on the words and giving me some suggestions, which turned to be fundamental for the final result. I’m fully satisfied with it, it really represents me.

And what’s yours?

As I was saying before, I’m very anchored to my dreams and ambitions. I am a real dreamer and I’m often in my own world. I’m working and growing up a lot also thanks to my label, which is not only caring for me professionally, but also supporting me and giving me important suggestions for my personal life. I’ll be travelling more.

 What are your future plans? Can you already tell us something?

I have a lot of new projects cooking , but I can’t say anything about them yet. My connections abroad, with England and the production of an EP they are pivotal for my professional future. You will be the first ones being updated on my next moves! Besides I’m about to spend an entire month in Manchester to do some professional networking.

Let’s wrap up with a last question- simple and complex at the same time- what is music for you?

Music is for me a fully natural way someone can express himself, which represents me 100%. I’m a singer, a performer and I don’t think I could be doing anything else by now, other than singing. Music is my anchor, wherever I am.


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